How to access WebMail?

With this guide you will learn how to access the Webmail, from where you can send and receive emails.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Enter in the browser and type:

You will have to replace "" with the domain name of your website.

  1. Enter your Webmail user name and password.

The user is the complete email account, for example: If you try to log in with the cPanel user you will not be able to, or you will log in to the wrong site. You have not created the e-mail account yet? See: “How to create an email account?”.

The password is the one you generated when you created the email account if you did not change it later. If you do not remember the password, you should change it. See: “How to change the password of an email account?”.

  1. Click on "Accept".

If the following screen appears it means that you have entered correctly.

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